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We are the Punk Rock Police.
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OI! OI! OI!, it's another rating community, with a twist.
after answering a few simple questions, and showing us a picture we tell you if we think you're punk or not.

********please note that if you come in here and say punk is blah blah blah and you're ruining the scene, you guys are immature, retarded, etc.. you will be banned, and most likely told how big of a dipshit you are. This is a community for AMUSEMENT PURPOSES ONLY. If you come in here and have a hissifit over what we're doing, chances are you're the immature one, not us. Plus, I bet if this were 4 years ago none of you would of cared, because you didn't give a fuck about the scene before it was cool.*********

Like every rating community there has to be a few rules.
1. Once you join you must a.) post at least one clear face shot, you may post any others of yourself as long as it does not violate LJ terms of service (ex. no nudity, the pictures MUST be of you, if they are not then you will be banned and reported). b.) you must answer all survey questions. If you fail to follow this most simple and basic of rules, you will be banned immediately, unless we love you.

2. You must post everything but one picture, and possibly a short and witty introduction behind a lj-cut, if you do not know how to do this, goto lj faq. If you fail to do this, you will be warned once, then banned if it is not fixed within the hour.

3. Until you are stamped you cannot make a second post, just edit your orignal. Doing so will result in a warning, then a ban.

4. You cannot comment on other posts until you are accepted. Only mods can stamp someone.

5. Harassing a mod or anyone in this community is unacceptable, even if you were rejected. You will be reported to lj-abuse.

6. BE RUDE, BE CRUDE, BE A SON OF A BITCH, but if you piss of a mod or a lover of the mod, you will get banned, I don't care how punk you are. As mods they're are punker than you.

7. Don't bitch if you don't get it, 60% of your votes have to be yes, getting a 51% isn't passing in school, nor is it passing here.

To accepted members:
1. One post a week, the title must contain the word stamp or "I'M PUNK LIKE JESUS CHRIST ON CRACK".

2. Once you are accepted post a copy of your stamp here.

3. Do not fight with other members, punk is about unity! OI OI OI!

4. Be a bitch to everyone else... because that's so punk rock, and being accepted means you are part of the punk rock authority!

and what every great community needs is a disclaimer.. by coming here you are subjecting yourself to evil and torture, and I would suggest avoiding it at all costs. Don't piss or moan, whatever you get, you asked for it from the minute you first posted.

strap_on<--- God Almighty
onlydesire<--- Space Commander Wack
geenabaneena<--- likes lime jello and vomit
___shitface<--- formerly known as geenabaneena

Top 5 favorite punk bands?
When did you become so punk rock?
What makes you so punk rock?
How many punk rockers have you made out with (and who)?
Why should we like you?
Favorite type of beer?
How many times a day on average do you puke?
Do you smoke?
Do you have any associations such as sXe, vegan, hXc, skinhead, etc..?
Isn't it true that gay men say no?
Speaking of gays, what's your sexual orientation?
Favorite color?
Where do you get your clothes?
How many vinyls do you own?
How many CDs do you own?
What would be your ideal mixtape?
How many pairs of pants do you own?
How many times a day do you have sex?
Have you ever squatted, if so which cities, and if you remember which squats?
What bands have you seen live?
Are you involved in your local scene?
Do you play any instruments with skill? if so what?
Do any current issues interest you? if so explain why?
Favorite book of all time? why?
How do you get your money?
If you could see one now defunt band live, who would it be and why?
Is punk fashion, attitude, music, or a combonation of the three? or none of the above, if so what is it? (and don't get me that "it's abstract" bs. because if you think it's so fucking abstract you wouldn't be trying out.)